Eduard Zhukov Protagonist
Lilli Jung Nathalie Andrich
Peter Anders Louis
Paul Wolff Guest
Tina Panika Punk
Falk Link Raphael Zirm


Maks Pallas Director
Sofia Serrano Production Assistant
Lydia Schmidt Sound Recordist


White Hills Somewhere Along the Way
By kind permission of Thrill Jockey
The Nazis from Mars I Hate This World
Kimiko Ishizaka Variatio 13. a 2 Clav
Hayvanlar Alemi Kaptan Hayvanlar Alemi


A Film by Maks Pallas "Nihilist"
Eduard Zhukov Lilli Jung Peter Anders Paul Wolff Tina Panika Falk Link
Production Assistant Sofia Serrano Sound Recordist Lydia Schmidt
Music by White Hills

©2016 Maks Pallas. All Rights Reserved.